We are the company that specializes in two, as may seem, totally different directions: education and entertainment. But, agree, there’s nothing effective in lessons, if we don’t make them more active, creative, than just reading and learning by rote. And the other way – what can be better than learning something new while you are having fun?

The main direction of our company – is board gaming. Our constantly growing assortment will satisfy any of your requests! We have logical series of “Smart Games”, classical detective ones, huge strategies, cognitive “Brain Boxes” and just funny for noisy parties. We know how to entertain people of any age!

But our aim is not only developing board games, but also adapting them to Georgian. And we’ve already reached our first goal by translating two bestsellers: “Imaginarium” and “Bazinga”, and we’re not planning to stop. Adding and filling the list of board games in Russian and English, translating the most popular ones to Georgian – that’s what we plan.

Besides, we’re happy to offer you the “living” mechanical models of “Ugears” company. These unique 3D puzzles are popular on 5 continents and represent magical merge of wood and classical mechanics. Assemble them and make them move with simple touch of your hand!

Take a dip to the wonderful world of discoveries – with hilarious chemical experiments by “OxGenKids”! These little kits include all the ingredients you need and a simple instruction for kids of 6 years and up. Can the mixture change colors itself? How is the DNA test made? Can we inflate a balloon without even touching it? Well, the answers are here!

Another amazing news for connoisseurs of beauty! From now on, you can purchase posters of the most inspiring movies, favorite heroes and legends in music industry – let them shine on your walls every day!

The other direction of our store is – early educational methodic. These products are provided by our permanent partner company – “Umnitsa”, which is working on and producing these sets with British experts of “Skylark” for 18 years already. Due to these unique products, you can start educating even a newborn baby, developing his/her unlimited skills and abilities in any possible way. It’s easy and comfortable – everything is already ready to use; lessons are thought out to give you maximum effectiveness with great pleasure for you both – lessons are held in a playing form.

Aside from the fact that we are the only official representative of “Umnitsa-Skylark” in Georgia, we have an exclusive right to translate and adapt these products in Georgian. Our definite bestseller is “100 Games” series for children of 3 to 7 years, which improve logical and imagination skills.

Our company employees are successful, certificated young people, who are ready for professional development and helping you to make the right decision anytime – whether it’s an educative set for your baby, or a board game for you and your friends!